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Women's Sports Injuries

Gifted athletes and “weekend warriors” alike are susceptible to sports injuries.  As women, our bodies handle the stress and strain of sports differently simply because we’re built differently.  Among the most common women’s sports injuries when gender is considered knee injuries rank the highest.  However, simple strains and sprains of various muscles and ligaments that occur during your weekly tennis match or yoga class for example can lead to the most frustration; often causing you to give up or modify the activity that you love.  But avoiding injury isn’t necessarily as hard as it seems.  At A Different Approach - PT For Women (ADAPT), our physical therapists can help you condition your body to prevent those nagging and often debilitating sports injuries that can keep you from living your life fully.

If you do sustain an injury while playing a sport, the physical therapists at ADAPT will be an integral part of your recovery.  We are highly skilled at developing an individualized rehabilitation program to facilitate your recovery. Whether you are dealing with a fracture, post surgical recovery, or a sprained ligament ADAPT is here to help you get back to life.     

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