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I founded A Different Approach – Physical Therapy for Women, LLC (ADAPT) with the belief that women should be treated by professionals that understand their unique needs.  At ADAPT we strive to make women comfortable and relaxed by providing care in an environment that is peaceful and friendly.  Women’s needs often involve privacy.  At ADAPT, your treatment session will be one hour one-on-one sessions where you are the focus.  You will feel listened to and cared for.  Physical pain and dysfunction require a hands-on approach to treatment.  At ADAPT your treatment with include extensive manual therapy techniques provided to decrease pain and discomfort.   

Throughout a women’s life span their bodies undergo various physiological changes that ultimately affect the whole person.  At ADAPT our physical therapists take a whole body approach to care.  I am often teaching patients that pain in a specific part of their body may be a result of dysfunction in another area.  The old saying “the hip bone is connected to the knee bone…” is often what my patients think of after I educate them about the possible cause of their pain and dysfunction. 

I strongly believe in the importance of collaborative care.  My patients often say “I feel like I need to be put back together again”.  Imagine you and your condition as a puzzle board; you are the foundation and center of your care.  ADAPT will work diligently with you to place the pieces of the puzzle; by providing exceptional specialized care, access to pertinent resources, and referrals to complementary professionals to make up the whole picture of a healthy you.

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