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Pain Related to Pregnancy

Pain related to pregnancy is not normal and there are certain types of pain that a physical therapist can help you with. For example, sciatica (pain or numbness shooting down one or both legs), back pain, carpal tunnel (wrist pain), painful or swollen legs, pubic bone pain, painful episiotomy scars, painful intercourse after birth, and diastisis recti (stretching of the abdominal muscles) are a few of the issues that we can help you with at A Different Approach - Physical Therapy for Women (ADAPT).

After a through history and musculoskeletal exam we will design a treatment plan specifically for you. Your plan might include either direct and/or indirect manual techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release techniques and joint mobilization. We will also instruct you how to safely and effectively exercise to address your specific condition and can educate you in proper body mechanics and posture to reduce the stress of your daily activities on your body.

We understand that as an expectant mom or a new mom you lead a busy lifestyle. At ADAPT we have a variety of appointment times to meet your needs and can accommodate both you and your little one in our private treatment room.

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