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Remember When ...?

Remember When...?

•  Your Body was Your Own 
•  Your Energy was Always Available 
•  The Simple Things Didn't Hurt 
•  Your Focus was on the Important Things - Not Your Pain 
•  It was Possible to play with your Children 
•  Your Mind was in Sync with Your Body 
•  You took Time to Care for Yourself 
•  Your Body Moved Freely

Do You Need ADAPT?

•  have swelling in your limbs?
•  have sports related injuries?
have pain with breastfeeding?
•  have pain with intercourse? 
•  leak urine or gas at inappropriate times?  
•  know where every bathroom is? 
•  suffer from pain related to pregancy? 
•  want to regin your fitness after pregnancy?
•  want to build and maintain bone health?
•  have pain in your pelvic area that limits how you experience life?

Specialized Solutions

Specialized Solutions

•  Expertise in Women's Health 
•  One-on-One Dedicated Care 
•  Hands-on Approach 
•  Belief in Education and Empowerment
•  Unique and Individually Customized Excercise Programs 
•  State-of-the-art Technology 
•  Women's Health Specific Biofeedback 
•  Commitment to Your Recovery

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Get Floored

Find out how to strengthen your pelvic floor from a certified women's health physical therapist. Learn more...

Core Control

Build your body's foundation with proven techniques, expert advice and hands-on guidance.   Learn more...

Break The Cycle

Pain begets pain unless the cycle is broken.  Physical therapy offers many non-invasive modalities.  Learn more...

New Mom Network

ADAPT has created a monitored forum for new moms to connect, receive support and gain helpful advice.  Learn more...

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